Dr. McGarry-Roberts is very pleased to welcome Mariah Krancevich back to her private practice for her second summer. Mariah will be starting her first year of Graduate school at the University of Western Ontario in London this Fall, studying within the MA Counselling Psychology program. Mariah recently obtained her Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree in Psychology from York University in Toronto. Under the direction of her York Supervisor, she completed her honours thesis research on The Perceptions of Women Athletes. Mariah also had the opportunity to work alongside a York professor designing a mental fitness website/app which allows for access to individualized mental skills training for athletes. She will be spending time in Dr. McGarry-Roberts private practice as a Psychometrist. She will conduct and score psychometric testing, continue to study and learn first hand the ethics and standards of practising psychology in Ontario and become familiar with the literature focused on her program of study as she prepares to enter Graduate training. She will also be learning some basic clinical skills under the supervision of Dr. McGarry-Roberts Mariah is interested in working with adults and also has a strong desire to work with children with learning disorders and disabilities. Mariah taught 4-7 year old children from a Toronto elementary school the basics of ice skating, incorporating skating techniques and safety into fun and organized age-appropriate games. She also worked as an on-ice instructor with the ForKicks Hockey Program where she assisted less-fortunate children by providing them with support and encouragement, as well as teaching them the basics of skating and fair play. As a multi-sport athlete, Mariah played elite-level hockey for several years, including two years with the York University Lions Women’s Hockey Team, and has recently completed her first half-marathon. With her strong sports background she also has interests in sport psychology and was fortunate to be a part of the Scotiabank Toronto Marathon’s Psyching Team in May 2017. Once she completes her studies, Mariah hopes to return to her hometown of Sault Ste. Marie so she can give back to her community. Mariah’s professional, knowledgeable and friendly disposition makes her a great addition to our team!