Howson Driving School
1506 Wellington St. E.
Sault Ste. Marie On P6A 2R2

Tim Howson

Tim has been working as a traffic safety consultant in Sault Ste. Marie for over 30 years.  He spends his recreational time trying to golf, and many other outdoor activities.  Tim is certified in all levels of driver training in Ontario.

His experience includes training new and experienced drivers in fields which include defensive driving and collision prevention.  In addition he is a Chief Instructor for the Sault College motorcycle program which he developed.  His work also includes courses training individuals and corporations to safely operate ATV, UTV and 4-wheel drive vehicles.

The other section of his work deals with the rehabilitation of drivers after a change in medical history such as a stroke.  He works extensively with senior drivers in aiding them to retain their driving privileges and in the cessation of driving when necessary.  This work has expanded into courses which help drivers deal with adapting to the use of adaptive controls which aid in a return to driving.

Tim also assists clients in their recovery from driving problems related to trauma after a vehicle collision.  This is one of the more recent programs and is becoming one of the most interesting.  The work involves working as part of a team which together combines skill and experience to aid clients in an efficient return to driving with a lower level of stress and anxiety.