Child Development Days

LPGA: Learn, Play, Grow, Activities


v  Have your child participate in a mini program designed to promote learning and resiliency (emotional strength building)

v  Activities include direct teaching, computer based instruction, board games, gaming, and mini workbooks

v  Based on parent priorities, each child will have an individualized agenda for activities.

v  Activities will include two or three of the following parent selected learning and resiliency building topics:earning

o   Reading (phonetics, comprehension, vocabulary, fluency)

o   Mathematics

o   Writing

o   Anger management

o   Coping/ relaxation strategies (fears, mild anxiety, stress)

o   Impulse control

o   Positive Thinking

o   Self esteem

o   Separation and Divorce

o   Social skills (cooperation, empathy, reading body language and tone of voice)


v  Special events may include a virtual LPGA golf tournament, complete with learning golf etiquette (e.g. honors/turn taking skills), practice round, tournament rounds, and prizes.

v  Sessions are 1 hour long, offered after-school, weekends, and/or during teacher professional days, depending on enrollment.

v  Space is limited to 4 children in the group

v  If parents prefer individual sessions (non-group option), they will be allowed to attend sessions and use the materials/programs with their child (non-staff option) for a slightly reduced fee.

v  Contact or 705-971-5122 for a registration form.