Sophie Nash will be graduating in 2019 from Laurentian University this June with an MA in Applied (clinical stream) Psychology.  She completed her master’s thesis titled “Help-Seeking Behaviours of University Students in a Northern Ontario Community” under the guidance of her thesis supervisor and committee.  She presented the quantitative part of this research as a poster presentation at the 78th Canadian Psychological Association National Convention in 2017.  Sophie also completed her practicum hours at a private practice in Sudbury, Ontario under the supervision of a clinical psychologist.

Sophie obtained her Bachelor of Arts with Honours degree in Psychology from Algoma University where she conducted her honours thesis research on Differences in Perceptions of Psychological Aggression in Heterosexual and Homosexual Relationships.  Upon graduation, she received the Academic Achievement Award (Psychology) from Algoma University.

Sophie will be spending time in Dr. McGarry-Roberts’ private practice as a Psychometrist.  She will conduct and score psychometric testing, assist with some administrative duties, some screening of patients and continue to learn first hand the ethics and standards of practising psychology in Ontario, learn some basic clinical skills, and gain experience in the field under the supervision of Dr. McGarry-Roberts.

Sophie primarily has experience with working with adults, however, she is also interested in working with children and adolescents as she is passionate about teaching youth basic skills for coping with stress and early intervention of mental health disorders.  She is also passionate about research and treatment for mental health related to trauma and/or addictions. Furthermore, Sophie has a strong interest in neuropsychology. Hobbies include visual art, classic literature and running.

With a long-time interest in rural and northern health, Sophie now resides in Sault Ste. Marie with the intent to use her education and skills to contribute to her hometown community.